The highest high-class claims

The development and production in the highest quality is our biggest concern.
Hence, we place high value of the choice of the materials.

We weld, construct and sign in 3-D implementation and provide the necessary statics. In addition, we offer high-class-supervised manufacturing and assembly by own staff on site. We also offer service and servicing of ours and foreign company products of course.

Only steel with is processed guarantees treacly metal suitor, german galvanizing , as well as high-quality, well-chosen hardwood. Also all the other used materials are checked carefully.
As an approved and certificated sweat field company we pay attention to careful processing. We make exclusively in the location in Wurmannsquick. 
Our steel constructions guarantee stability and a quick and easy assembly.

Only so we reach the highest safety standards for person and animal and a long life span of our products with minimum servicing expenditure.